domingo, julio 30, 2006

A New Poem by Sandy Hiss

Hidden in the Cracks

Rummaging through your face
blue ocean eyes
the one i remember
an old file
think unopened bottles
crown royal
stored away
where i could not imagine you

i wrote a lost memo
some new clutter

hidden in the cracks
spiders spinning tales
a gold hoop tangled
in denial
returned to sender
you came without a tie
apricot soap
a white angel
greeting me
hand signed
a long ago
when my fingertips
tasted your goodbye

Sandy Hiss' poetry and fiction have appeared in Cabaret New Angeles, Autographs,, Scorched Earth Publications (Editor's Choice Feb/Mar issue), Autumn Leaves, The Cat's Meow, Poet's Haven, True Poet, The Green Silk Journal, Ken*Again, Thick With Conviction, and Fresh! Magazine. Her work is forthcoming in CC&D, Falling Star, & Bolts of Silk. Sandy resides in Wyoming with her two children and husband. She is also the editor of Flutter, an online poetry Magazine.

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