martes, agosto 22, 2006

New Poetry from Jordan Somers


Or·bit·ual: (orbit + ritual)

a. The tangible nature of residential
return as seen through loopholes:
Constructed and Depleting.
b. Knowing the games that you love:
Matching the color of lipstick
with socks.

a. Informing you that A Streetcar Named Desire
is simply a mediocre retelling of Genesis:
“you, Me and Kowalski
move together on parallel lines,
b. Seeing nothing with your glasses off.
c. Refusing to clear a dinner table
with forearm.

3. The world continues to move in an orbitual
fashion, orbitually.

4. Quickly, while all is not obviously lost.

Di·min·sti·cate (diminish + domesticate)

1. I, diminsticate the ideology
of loafer gentry.
The soft shoe aggregator
is but a fabrication:

2. Diminsticating atop
the factory of poorly stitched senses.
“A myriad of diminsticatory

3. Sanitized frills of a taut high school verse
that preaches Tuesday –
when we knew it was Wednesday
all along.

Lo·se·qu·ious (loquacious + obsequious)

a. Speak to my of plots
and I will love you losequiously:
Tactile, irrational.
b. “The poet laureate of losequiousness
demands a harsher shadow upon
the leftness of your face
with penalties
for the dismissive sun.”

2. Sex is a losequious pretext
Illuminating bed skirts
but ultimately denoting
very little
of meaning.

Tel·u·cial (telegram + fiducial)

1. (démodé)

2. The Telucial white flowers die soonest stop
Die into that
telucial chasm bride-bed of a telucious moon stop
I hear the owls stop
While the world is ruled by precedent stop
Here our telucial crimes of history join
the fairy tales stop
It is often safer to be in chains
telucial, bound by the lies
of our ancestors stop

Per·fund·ulate (perfunctory + undulate)

a. The desire to connect
irrevocable schisms.
b. A utensil to sweep chimneys.

2. Perfundulating fear:
I eat my usual diet
of perfundulating shadows.

Wand·ir·ic (wanderlust+ oneiric)

a. How else to feel
other than I do –
wandiric as such:
b. Combusting in rust:
“wandiric demeanor”

2. Like a wedge pressed between teeth.

3. Other, more legitimate misinterpretations:
Shortness of hair,

4. Grocery lists denoting pain –
dental floss,
wandiric bread,
diet cola.

Ner·bose (nevus + verbose)

a.There is fitness in spades -
b. So nerbose that empty
chairs denote
nothing at any particular
moment upon any
particular night.
c. Not even now.

Jordan Somers lives in Toronto, Canada and unless he is saved by his fans, his women and his heroin, that is where he will probably die - alone in some type of igloo dwelling surrounded by photographs of antique toasters minus their delicious and warm bread slices. He also is responsible for the E-Zines Ninjoetry and The Collected Poems of Valentino the Robot.

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Peter De Vries dijo...

let me losequiously say that the exercise of translation is not praiseworthy unless the translator creates new words from the source langauge, and thereby turning an elephant into a suitable couch.

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