lunes, agosto 20, 2007

New Poetry From Felino Soriano

Bouncing Light, A Variation of Dance


anatomy of automatic

birth of morning's
reality of existence,

exercising in elongated stretch,

beauty in specialized openings.

Light in peeking formulations,

slanting, searing, soaring,
solidifying an existential mode of

Below, a breathing lake,

devoted to life in contrast to
stilled dryness of deadened grass.
Lake of marbled veins,

received multiple

glares from specialized light,

winding in fashions of
more to come, meandering thought,

mere movement,

due to the irregular widths of cloud formations,
landing atop the alive lake as in
dancing duos atop wooden floors,

whose rhythms mimic


momentary vanishing.

Felino Soriano, from California, is a philosophy student and behavioral assistant. His poetry appears or is forthcoming in Silent Actor, Pen Himalaya, Breed Press, Bolts of Silk, and Wet Asphalt, among others.

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