sábado, abril 05, 2008

Three Poems From Magnificent Guffaw

Lies of an icon

In between binge drinking and fry ups
I have led a normal life
between the covers
in my dreams
I see winters and hill
and realize the chills
pale in comparison
she told me how my eyelids quiver when shut
I have no idea
I'm gone
living in a better place


Swept my drive carefully pushing away the nails that had gathered under my tyres
somebody has it in for me.
I phoned Clara and told her I am paranoid
at the best of times
Drama happens behind curtains
shadows wave
and furniture gets pushed around
until the glass breaks
and hand in hand they get taken to accident and emergency
Couples bicker
its natural
yet sad
when you come in between
with your gallant attempt
at adultery

Fascinated by someone you will never know

I need to lose my way
glory tamborines
heart felt harmony
this must be what its like
to feel alive
doo wop earthquake
my skin tingles with devils glee
pop me another
get me one ready
time for another
turn catharsis into something more
spend a living night
away from the bedroom
spend a living night
lying awake on the floor
staring empty at the ceiling

Magnificent Guffaw lives in Eastern England.

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