jueves, diciembre 07, 2006

New Poetry from Annunziata Zoiti-Licastro

The Da Vinci Cod

This is a true story. Only the facts have been changed.
Baccala, pesce storko, what confusion
both stinky fish English call haddock or cod.
The da Vinci code on the Catholic God
neglects Leonardo was celibate, painting urges out al fresco.
Is it Mary Magdalene by St Peter or to the sex binary a [sexual] protest?

If Magdalene was Jesus' wife then why sit close to the Rock
who was married elsewhere, so keeping 1st century distance?
The facts in that fiction are codswallop the facts in this poem
are all fiction but the fiction is fact to the millions of tourists now
searching for the Knights Templar treasure in Europe.
Don't be scared of Leviticus in Rome the emperors
were doing as they liked: baccanalia, baccala, baccanico.

Magdalene was called a prostitute so how many?
Were the disciples included? Were men indicted for breaking
moral codes, did they hide behind 5 loaves and 2 cod?
Where's her progeny or did she have a collapsed uterus
Too many abortions, eating parsley till she vomited?
Did Jesus' mother Mary outcast Magdalene
What of Mary's cousin Elizabeth or mother Sarah?
Did Mary's father Joachim let her hang around a…?

IVF can make virgins mothers what's not to believe
they were making yoghurt and cheese before us
when was the last time we built a a Stonehenge or pyramid
who knows what was lost in the dark ages.

Annunziata Zoiti-Licastro is an Italian-Australian interested in documenting the dialect from her Calabrian heritage through prose, poetry and film. She has a BA in Professional Writing and Literature and a Graduate Diploma in Media Studies (Film) from Deakin University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Arts (Creative Writing) from the University of Melbourne.

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